Dental Cavity & Caries Treatment

INTRODUCTION: Dental caries and dental cavity these are two different words with entirely different meanings.

Dental Caries: a multifactorial, transmissible, infectious disease caused primarily by the complex intraction of cariogenic oral flora (biofilm) with fermentable dietary carbohydrates on the tooth surface over time. *[ Ref. Sturdevant’s op. dentistry ]

Which means dental caries does not caused by only factor, because there are too many factors are responsible to effect tooth surface and start caries. If one tooth is affected with it then in favorable environment, sooner or later it may spread to adjacent teeth also. It is caused by cariogenic bacteria like Streptococcus mutans, S sanguis, S mitis, Lactobacilli, Actinomyces naeslundii etc. they lie on the tooth surface. When there is low pH they dissolve tooth structure layer by layer. Bacteria itself produce acids which accelerate tooth destruction.

Dental Cavity: it is a common term used after decay of tooth where there is hollow depression onto the tooth surface due to caries. If tooth structure can be restored only by filling, The dentist will do cavity preparation and then do the filling.

CONSEQUENCES: In case dental caries is not treated in its initial stage then it won’t stop and these might be the consequences

  1. Minor visible black spot
  2. Major black spot
  3. Tooth structure decay, black brown color
  4. Sensitivity to cold, more tooth destruction
  5. Sensitivity to hot & cold or sweet sometimes with or without pain
  6. Intermittent Pain, with or without bad smell
  7. Continuous Pain & swelling
  8. Severe pain, swelling pus formation
  9. Complete loss of crown structure with or without further pain
  10. Residual root may or may not cause further pain or swelling

TREATMENT: is very simple, Dental filling. They say ‘’prevention is better than cure.’’ If dental caries is restored in its initial stage that would be the best treatment for you.  There are many types of dental filling are available. Temporary, permanent, tooth color, light cure, chemically set etc.

What’s the cost of Treatment.?

The cost of treatment differs mainly by type of filling your dentist is going to place, Then quality of filling and over all treatment and many more things. Instead of these factors In India most commonly dental filling cost in between ₹ 500/- to 2000/- . the price might be less pr more depending upon area ,experiences , quality etc.

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