Dental Implants

“Dental Implants are metal devices that are placed/fixed inside the bone of patient’s jaw on which fixed or removable prosthesis are placed”

Dental Implant

What is Dental

Dental Implants are metal devices that are placed/fixed inside the bone of patient’s jaw on which fixed or removable prosthesis are placed. Implants bond to the tooth by osseointegration process.

Implant may be made up of metals, ceramics and polymers etc. but most commonly used implants are Titanium implants.

  • Better speech.
  • Provide better aesthetic.
  • Completely painless process.
  • Protects bone resorption after tooth removal.
  • More comfortable than removable prosthesis.
  • Provide better confidence as it is fixed device.
  • Better chewing ability than removable prosthesis.
  • Better than bridge as there is reduction of adjacent sound tooth material required to place bridge for one or more missing teeth.

Why Choose Us

When choosing YASHASVI DENTAL CARE for Dental Implants, you should carefully consider your options to ensure you receive the best possible care. Here are some factors to consider when deciding why to choose a specific dental practice or Dental Implant clinic.

Professional Qualifications

Look for an Implantologist or dentist with the necessary qualifications, training, and expertise in Dental Implantology. Here we are licensed and certified to provide Dental Implants.

Treatment Options

We offers a range of treatment options, including traditional titanium Implants, Basal Implants and can customize a plan that suits your specific needs and preferences.

Technology and Equipment

We use modern Dental implant technology and equipment which enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your treatment.

Cost and Payment Options

Discuss the cost of treatment and inquire about payment options as we provide many offers time to time on Dental Implants. You can pay the whole bill into installments also.


Feel free to ask for references from current or former patients to gain insights into their experience with the provider.


Consider the provider’s years of experience in providing Dental Implants. Experienced practitioners are often more adept at handling complex cases.

Consultation and Communication

We listen to your concerns and explain the treatment process clearly. Good communication is crucial for a successful treatment.

Patient Comfort:

We consider the comfort and convenience of our patient. Our clinic is clean and welcoming. We offer flexible appointment scheduling also.

Emergency Care

Handling any dental emergencies or issues that may arise during or after treatment is our policy.


Considering the location of YASHASVI DENTAL CARE is highly convenient for you. This clinic is located on main road near very popular market i.e. Sector 18 or Atta market. The nearest metro station of Blue line is only about 200m. Here we have onsite parking available and also a huge Free parking 50 m from our clinic.  Shorter travel times can make regular appointments more manageable.

YASHASVI DENTAL CARE completely align with your specific needs and preferences. Time is precious don’t waste your time to research and select our services where you can feel comfortable  and our quality Treatment. Remember that Dental Implant is significant investment in your oral health and appearance, so it’s important to make an informed decision.


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Dental Implant


We provide all types of dental implants in best quality. we also provide full mouth rehabilitation.

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Here we have premium quality invisible Aligners. We place metal/ceramic braces as per your requirement. 


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