Check-In Confirmation for Your Upcoming Appointment

Dear {{patient_name}},

We are writing to confirm your check-in for your upcoming appointment at Yashasvi Dental Care. Below are the details of your appointment:

Appointment Details:

  • Date: {{appointment_date}}
  • Time: {{appointment_time}}
  • Doctor: {{doctor_name}}
  • Location: {{clinic_address}}
  • Contact Number: {{clinic_contact_number}}

Check-In Process: To ensure a smooth and efficient check-in process, please follow these steps:

  1. Arrival Time: Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
  2. Documents: If you have any relevant medical records or documents, please bring them with you.
  3. Medication List: If you are taking any medications, please bring a list of them.

Patient Portal: You can expedite the check-in process by completing any required forms and updating your personal information through our patient portal. Click here to log in:

Thank you for choosing Yashasvi Dental Care

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