Dental Implant cost ,procedure & every thing

Dental Implants are metal devices that are placed / fixed inside the bone of patient’s jaw on which fixed or removable prosthesis are placed. Implants bond to the tooth by osseointegration process. Implant may be made up of metals, ceramics and polymers etc. but most commonly used implants are Titanium implants.



·        Fixture

·        Abutments

·        Screw


·        Protects bone resorption after tooth removal.

·        Provide better aesthetic.

·        Provide better confidence as it is fixed device.

·        Completely painless process.

·        Better chewing ability than removable prosthesis.

·        Better speech.

·        More comfortable than removable prosthesis.

·        Better than bridge as there is reduction of adjacent sound tooth material required to place bridge for one or more missing teeth.

dental Implant in mouth
Dental Implant Placed in a patient’s mouth


In India cost of Dental Implants starts from around 20k and goes around 45k per implant with cap.

This wide variety of price for dental implant is due to costly material used in implant body and whole procedure is technique sensitive.


Full mouth dental implants are used in case of complete edentulous patient in which there are complete absence or loss of teeth. In that case numbers of implants are placed in upper and lower arches. There may be need of 4 to 6 implant per arch. As a result cost of the treatment will be multiplied into number of implant being used in that case, as per implant cost in that clinic it might goes around 2.5 to 5 lakhs or more.

Dental Implant procedure step by step

local anesthesia administration to block nerve sensation for the target area where implant is going to be planted.

A sharp cut is made on gingival ridge .

Both buccal and lingual flaps are elevated.

make a clear visibility of bone where initial drill can be made.

Initial drill is made , after that further drill is done by predetermined depth and width.

In some cases bone graft and or PRP (platelet rich plasma) also placed along with implant.

Finally Implant is placed into the drilled socket.

Implant can be placed just after the extraction of tooth or previously missing teeth area.

Implant is then fixed by torque wrench or ratchet driver.

After some X-ray ( radiographs or RVG) make sure position of Implant is correct or not.

Cover screw is placed onto the implant.

Both the flaps are now sutured together over the implant.

For regular Implant dentist may wait for prosthesis to be fixed for approximately 3 months till Implant get attached to the bone properly by the process called osseointegration.

There are some Implants like Basal Implants where dentist fixes prosthesis very soon.

After the osseointegration process is being completed , dentist remove cover screw and also take radiographs to confirm the bonding. impression or intraoral scanning is made and prosthesis is fabricated by the lab technician.

On Upcoming visit , prosthesis is cemented or fixed onto the implant .

And here the procedure is completed.

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