What is Dental Veneers.? Types, Use, Cost.

INTRODUCTION- DentalVeneers as the name suggests they covers your teeth but usually in one plane. Veneers are made by Dental labs and Dentist fixed that on your teeth permanently by dental cements. Purpose of dental veneers is to enhance your smile as they change look of your teeth through not only by color but also by shape and sizes.

Types of Dental Veneers.

  1. Partial veneers
  2. Full veneers
  3. Direct veneers (Takes 1 Appointment)
  4. Indirect veneers (May Take Around 2 Appointments)
    • No prep veneers
    • Porcelain veneers
    • Ceramic veneers

Where to use.

  1. Minor spacing in between front teeth teeth.
  2. Intrinsic stains.
  3. Minor fracture or cracks on enamel.
  4. Shape & size enhancement.
  5. Smile design.
  6. Dental fluorosis.

Complete procedure: Dentist will reduce some thickness of enamel layer to provide room for veneers. After checking proper border and extent of tooth cutting dentist will take an impression of your teeth from both upper and lower arches. Then they get replica and that will be send to the lab for veneer manufacturing. When your veneer is ready wich may take from some hours to 2-3 days depending upon clinic and their assosiated labs, in next appointment that veneer will be cemented onto your teeth permanently. Veneers are most commonly made up of ceramic, some time it can be of resin also.

Treatment Duration: Around 30 min.

What is the cost or price of the Treatment.?

Cost of ceramic is always estimated as per unit of veneers. One tooth veneer means 1 unit. Price range is variable in every area. Only in India you may find it starting price from 8000 to15000/- per unit which can be less or more. This variation is mainly because of quality and warranty of that veneers.

Here is some before and after images related Dental Veneers.


GINGIVAL DEPIGMENTATION:- As the name suggests it is the procedure where Dentist remove dark pigmented gingiva and as a result you get a bright coral pink gingiva which enhances the beauty of your smile. Some of dentist use Laser and it is cost effective . Some may use conventional techniques. But the best one as per my knowledge and suggestions is Laser because in this technique there is least bleeding and early healing. You may get other options too. It comes under dental cosmetic treatment or usually done in complete smile design or smile makeover. If you are interested to know in detail about.

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