What is Root Canal Treatment (RCT) in dental.?

INTRODUCTION: it is Root Canal Treatment where dentist after finding the correct diagnosis do open pupl chamber(vital part inside a normal tooth that contains nerves, blood vessels, etc) to locate the orifice of canals .In Root Canal Treatment dentist cleans, remove infection and make a desired shape of the canals . After this process dentist fill entire root canals with some material. After this step dentist fill the remaining part of that tooth. This is the complete process of RCT in short. Dentist might tell you to get a cap / crown/ bridge (fixed dental prosthesis) after getting your RCT done.


  • Caries tooth with deep cavity involving pulp
  • Irreversible Pulpitis
  • Extremely sensitive tooth that need to be involved in fixed prosthesis
  • Severe Cervical attrition
  • Severe Abrasion
  • Fractured tooth
  • Etc.


  • Extremely mobile tooth
  • Tooth that can be restored
  • Extremely damaged or decayed tooth structure
  • *Root fracture (depending upon scenario and experience)
  • Etc.


RCT sittings or appointment durations depends upon tooth condition, how much that tooth is affected with infection. It may be done in single sitting i.e. one day only  or It might take 2-3 appointments approx 20-30 min. each .

What is the cost of Root Canal Treatment (RCT).

Cost of RCT in India is highly variable according City/Work experience/ tooth condition/ Treatment facilities/ which tooth is involved i.e. front tooth or rear tooth. Usually RCT of 3rd molar is more expensive than other tooth. As [er our knowledge in India most of the RCT in most of the clinics or Hospitals ranges in between  ₹ 1500/- to ₹ 15000/-

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Is it pain full Process.? Answer is big no today time all dental treatments are almost pain free.
  2. Is filling possible instead of Root Canal Treatment (RCT).? The Answer is no.
  3. Till how much time it will remain.? Or longevity.? The Answer is Depends upon how nicely being done, Patient’s oral health, Remaining tooth structure, Fixed Prosthesis is being placed or not etc.
  4. Which one is better RCT or Tooth Removal.? The Answer is Definitely RCT if it is possible according to tooth condition, it is better to preserve natural form as much as possible.


POST & CORE: It is advisable when tooth crown structure is severely lost. As we say it is always better to preserve tooth natural form as much as possible, if there is almost all of the crown part is lost but the roots are intact dentist will suggest you to get post and core.

This process is done with RCT. A fiber/metal , custom/personalized post is placed inside the canal and then core is buildup with dental cement on to the tooth. After that a fixed prosthesis or cap is cemented on that tooth. It will take some extra amount other than your RCT treatment for sure. If you have any doubts you may contact us .

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